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History of the escape game
Play with friends and discover the heritage in a ludic way
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Solve puzzles and break codes
Influence the story
Influence the course of the story with your choices
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Meet historical figures in augmented reality
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The Adventure

You play as a detective passionate about history, keen on puzzles and expert in esoteric symbols.

When a mysterious cryptex is discovered, you are called to solve its mystery.

As a malevolent force reveals itself, An authentic treasure hunt begins...

History Book
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Escape Game ?

This adventure uses the same mechanisms than the «escape game». The rules aren't explicit. The player must guess what he has to do next by considering the elements available in-app and around him.

No other knowledge except these elements are needed to resolve the enigmas. Be vigilant, you will always need to use elements from the urban decor to solve each puzzle.

Quest ce que c'est une Reality Quest ? Une escape game en extérieur !
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